10 April–End of Delivery Week One

At the start of this week, we aimed for delivering 100 despensas–bags of needed food and soap–to Progreso families in need.

Today that goal was reached.  Four small local tiendas each provided 25 despensas; these were delivered using safe and sanitary protocols by our van drivers. We had our “soft launch” on Tuesday with one delivery of 25 of these despensas.  Wednesday we looked hard at the process and made a few tweaks; Thursday were two delivery runs of 25 each; today one more to bring the total to 100!

Next week we ramp up.  Six tiendas will each package 35 despensas; they will be delivered over three days by four vans for a total of 210 families receiving this assistance, and we hope to continue at that pace until all the donations (nearly US$6,000!) have been used.

Here are just a few of the people who received packages this week: