14 April Update

We begin our biggest week yet: 210 despensas will be delivered, and we have some additions to the packages!

Bags of quality face masks, made in Merida

A local donor gave us MX$2,500 to purchase 500 high quality “made in Yucatan” face masks, which will be included with the despensas. The outside of each bag was sprayed with diluted chlorine bleach to ensure we’re not bringing any virus in with us.

Super Susana!

We will also include a flyer featuring Mexico’s Covid-19 superheroine, Susana Distancia! (The name comes from “sana distancia,” Spanish for “safe distance.” There’s a great article about her on medium.com .)

Despensas ready to go at the Tienda Guadalupana in Progreso

One of the best things about this project is the fact that we are buying the despensas from small local tiendas (instead of going to Merida warehouses). They are paid for the materials and able to earn some money for their work; that helps keep them in business and serving the people of their neighborhood.

Fresh eggs have been a much-appreciated part of our despensas!

The need is still huge. We have more than 500 more families who have requested despensas, and just about enough money to help them. THANK YOU to all who are helping this project to happen!