Progreso Covid-19 Relief Fund FAQs

1. Who is organizing this effort?  See and read about the members of our committee on our Who We Are page.

2. Why are these funds needed? The State of Yucatan and the City of Progreso have declared a state of emergency and individuals are being ordered to stay home. As a result, the entire economy of Progreso is in a state of near-collapse with thousands of people not working or earning money. The most important priority, after ensuring the health of the population, is to make sure that people have enough food in their houses. Since many people, from taxi drivers, house-cleaners, waiters, store clerks, etc. are now not working, they are running out of funds to buy food. All levels of government are working as hard as they can to identify ways to help the local population, but we know it will not be enough. This private relief effort will build on the efforts of public agencies to expand the number of families who will be able to receive food assistance.

3. How will my donation be used? Your donation will be used to purchase “despensas” – a pre-determined basket of food and other items that have been selected to help a family with their food needs. The basket includes beans, rice, eggs, milk, oil, salt, oats, pasta, canned vegetables and soap and has a value of about $200 pesos. The items in the despensa will be enough to help a local family with their food needs for about a week.

The items in the despensa are being purchased from a small number of local tiendas, the small shops that exist in neighborhood throughout the City. We are working with several local tiendas scattered across Progreso who have been selected because of their willingness and ability to help in this effort. (A tienda must also have a bank account, so money can be transferred without having to physcially handle cash.) The more money we raise, the more despensas we can purchase from our local stores, and the more food baskets we can deliver to local families.

4. How will the food baskets be distributed? In order to keep people safe in their homes, we will be delivering the despensas directly to families. A local business has donated the use of their vans, and their drivers are making the deliveries to individual homes using a safe and sanitary protocol.

5. How will Progreso Relief identify the families who need help?

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of May 1, we are no longer taking names for our Standby list. Everyone on the list to this date will receive a despensa.

6. How often will a family receive a despensa? Our goal is to help as many people as possible at least one time. If we have sufficient funds, and the need is still there, we may be able to provide a second despensa in the future to a family on the list.

7. How can the Mexican community help support this effort?  We have created a full Spanish-language version of this Website at ayudaprogreso.com. Donations from that site are accepted thru PayPal and MercadoPago.com.  We are working with the City of Progreso as well as the Progreso Rotary Club and others in the community to publicize this effort.  

8. How’s it going so far?  Please take a look at our Updates (the blog section of this Website).

9. I still have questions! Please email us at donate@progresorelief.com if you have any additional questions. One of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.